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Monday, December 17, 2012

Project 6 - Ozark Ponytail Holder

This is another super easy no-knit project. My friend Vanina, over at
http://mothercrafterdiy.com, is modeling the pony tail holder, as I don't have enough hair for it.
This would be a great holiday gift for the adventurous. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to make!

Later this week, there will be a tutorial for this, with lots of photos. In the meantime, here are some simple instructions.
1. Gather scissors, a hair band and some Ozark Handspun yarn. This is a great way to use up the odds and ends pieces of yarn you have. It would also be great mixed with other yarns or ribbons. 
2. Cut 5-8 lengths of yarn varying from 8-12 inches long.
3. Fold one piece of yarn in half. Put the folded end inside the hair band.
4. Pull the two cut ends around the hair band and through the folded end. Pull tight. Repeat. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Project 5 - Ozark Boa

This is a no-knit project. That's right. The hardest skill involved is not tangling the yarn!

Take one skein of Ozark Handspun. Place two kitchen chairs about six feet apart, so that the backs are in a straight line. Tie one end of the yarn to a chair. Wind the yarn around the chairs, until the skein is gone. Use some pretty ribbon, some other fancy yarn or more Ozark to tie the yarn together in about four places. Cut the ends. Wrap around your neck.

Here's me with a favorite boa at the Oakland Zoo on Monday.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Project 4 - Toddler Mittens

Here is Oliver modeling his new mitten. It's getting chilly here, and we're going to Missouri to visit Grandpa Dave tomorrow, where it will be really chilly, and Olie didn't have mittens! So, I've made him a pair. Well, actually as of this post, I've only made one. Hopefully, I'll get the other one made before we leave for the airport in the morning. First, though, I need to pack...
To make this mitten, I cast on 8 stitches of Ozark Opulent II, with a gauge of about 1.5 stitches per inch. The I knit enough rows to cover his hand, about 8. I then broke the yarn, leaving enough of a tail to sew the square together later. Then I tied on some bulky yarn (blue is Olie's choice) to the Ozark tail, and knit on sixteen stitches. Next I knit two purl two for four rows before casting off and sewing up the cuff and mitten. 

p.s. I had intended to make a to-go coffee cup warmer, and then I realized that last week's wrist warmer easily doubles as a coffee cup warmer.

p.p.s. I LOVE the ankle warmer. It extends flip flop season by at least a month!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Project 3 - Cuffs

So, I intended to make gauntlets, but I didn't have time. So I made cuffs. My first cuff turned into an anklet. I cast on eight stitches and knit seven rows at a one stitch per inch gauge. I left enough tail after casting off to use the yarn to sew the two ends together. It's keeping my ankle warm.

The second cuff attempt worked. I cast on four stitches and knit seven rows, one stitch per inch, and left a tail to sew them together. It's keeping my wrist nice and warm.

I used Prince Edward.

P.S. It's hard to take pictures of feet. =)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Project Two - Super Skinny Scarf

It's week two of our DIY Ozark holiday gift making. 

To compliment the hat from last week, I used the rest of the skein, which was about the size of my fist when rolled in a ball, to make a super skinny scarf. All I did was cast on three stitches, and kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. I knit really loosely on size 13 circular needles. If you knit more tightly, try size 19 needles. 
As you can see, it's enough for Oliver to wrap around twice, and for me to tie once. This is a great way to use up a little bit of yarn, and make something lovely and versatile. 

  Next week, gauntlets!

Project One - One Size Fits Most Hat

It's fall, and that means we're approaching the holiday season. I love giving presents, preferably ones I've made. Making presents takes takes time, so I'm starting now. My goal is to post a gift I've made every week from Ozark Handspun yar

n. The projects will be simple (I'm a beginner knitter) and quick (I'm a stay at home mom). Please knit-a-long with me!

The first project is a hat, that is nearly one size fits all. It's small enough for my two year old, and stretchy enough for me.  Here's the base pattern:http://ozarkhandspun.blogspot.com/2007/01/ozark-handspun-hat-pattern.html

I only cast on 18 stitches, though, and knit 18 rows. Otherwise the instructions are exactly the same. I used about 3/4 of the skein, I used Avatar -http://ozark.bigcartel.com/product/avatar-3198 - because Oliver likes blue.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome Home Baby with Ozark

In this photo is Grandpa Gentzsch with my newborn* son Oliver, who's wearing one of the adorable little pods, made by Tricia Drake.  Tricia authored a book with patterns for all kinds of cuddly gear for newborns called "Welcoming Home Baby the Handcrafted Way".

From Tricia's Etsy shop"My book of original knitting patterns, "Welcoming Home Baby the Handcrafted Way", by Tricia Drake, was released in March 2011 and as of June 2012 is in its second reprint with over 19,000 copies in press worldwide. The book features 20 knitting patterns for newborn photography props, chunky cocoons, cozy pods, mohair wraps, and plenty of funky handknit hats."

If you haven't seen the book, you are missing a wonderful dose of scrumptious babies in adorable knits.

Velma Gentzsch
Dave's daughter in California, and more importantly, mother to his grandson ;-)

*Oliver was born in September 2010, so the picture is nearly a couple of years old! Where I have trouble posting a picture to a blog, Tricia is mother to seven and still writes a book! Amazing. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Online Store Launched

Hi Folks!
I'm excited to announce that Ozark Handspun has launched it's new online store! Please check it out to see the full range of great yarns we make.

Also, to celebrate the launch, we are giving a special rate for shipping. Until April 21, shipping on up to 15 skeins of yarn will be only $7.

Please spread the word!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Pattern: Ozark Coat

Photo by: Joyce Eveler

Download this free pattern! (PDF 914kb)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ozark Nuno Workshop

Everything included.
$300 silk lap or burned out velvet or crinkled silk (same size)
$150 for a stole sized silk lap or burned out velvet or crinkled silk (same size)
$75 silk scarf

Date: September 19, 2009
Time: 7am to 7 pm arrive at your convenience
7 am: coffee and quiche
Noon: tea and sandwich
6 pm: Mark’s famous barbecue

Half of class amount due and payable upon registration with remaining balance due the morning of the workshop. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

For more information or to sign up, contact David Gentzsch at 573.619.4171.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Minicapelet and Arm Warmers

This pattern
Autumn Minicapelet and Armwarmers was published in Knit'n Style magazine in February 2009.

Designed by Janice Rosema for Ozark Handspun, August 2008.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ozark Fiber Workshops - June 5-7, 2009

Come see where and how Ozark Handspun Yarns are made! And spend some time with the talented artists who make the Ozark creations seen on this blog.

From Friday through Sunday, June 5-7, 2009, David invites you to join him for a few days of fun, creative mess-making and learning. He's also invited Janice, a designer of Ozark creations, to teach you some of her techniques.

Coloring (dyeing), taught by David, Friday 5-6:30pm and Saturday 8-9:30am. Materials: Silk Scarf $20. Wear old, comfortable shoes, ones you don't mind getting messy.

Nuno Felting, taught by David and Janice, Saturday 9:30-Noon. Materials: 1 yd crinkle chiffon laminate $20, 1 skein Ozark Opulent $30, 1 bag pencil roving $20, 1 rolling mat $20; total $90.

Ozark Core-tail spinning, taught by David, Saturday 2-5pm. Materials: 2 100-gram bags of Ozark Clouds $48, 1 spool of cotton thread $5; total $53. Bring your own working spinning wheel.

Free form knitting and crochet, taught by Janice, Saturday 1-5pm. Materials: 1 skein Ozark Companion yarn $15, 1 skein Ozark Opulent yarn $30, 1 Ozark Mane scarf style $25; total $70. Bring your own assortment of crochet hooks and knitting needles.

Ozark Felted Vest Class, taught by Janice, Sunday 9-Noon. Materials: 1 pieced Ozark Vest ready for finishing $100, 1 skein Ozark Opulent yarn $30, 1 skein Ozark Companion yarn $15, Ozark Brambles (Free); total $145.

On Sunday, David and Terri will host an open house. They live in a stately two-story brick home built in the late 1800s, surrounded by a lush garden, tended by Dave in his spare time.

$50 per Class, excepting the Coloring Class which is $75. Observe any class for $30, or observe all five classes for $100.

Supplies can be bought on site, and are in addition to the class fee. You may bring any supplies that you may already have.

Class size is very limited. There will be no more than 15 in any class. Sign up now to reserve your spot! To register, call 573-644-8736 or email terri(at)ozarkhandspun(dot)com.

As the state capitol, there are many fine places to stay in Jefferson City, including the Capitol Plaza Hotel, the Cliff Manor Bed and Breakfast, and the Super 8 Motel. You can find other lodging options on tripadvisor.com.

Jefferson City is located in the center of Missouri. It's a pleasant two hour drive from the St. Louis airport (STL) and a three hour drive from the Kansas City airport (MCI). Amtrak also runs a train service along the Missouri River between Kansas City and St. Louis, with a stop in downtown Jefferson City, just a mile from many lodging options.